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Masonic Books on CDROM

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The books listed below are commonly found in Masonic libraries.  They are available here on CDROM.  

  • Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike
  • Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, by Albert Mackey
  • Manual of the Lodge, by Albert Mackey
  • Symbolism of Freemasonry, by Albert Mackey
  • The Lost Word Its Hidden Meaning, by George Steinmetz
  • The Meaning of Masonry, by Lynn Perkins
  • Symbolism of the Three Degrees, by Oliver Day Street
  • The Builders, by Joseph Fort Newton
  • The Lost Keys of Masonry, by Manly Palmer Hall
  • Mystic Masonry, by J.D. Buck

Please take note that all of these books contain Masonic heresy.  You should avoid putting them in the hands of anyone who is not a mature Christian.  They are provided here for apologetic purposes.

One of the advantages of placing books on CDROM is that they may be made electronically searchable.  All of the above are electronically searchable using the Adobe Reader, which is included on the CDROM.  The individual pages from these books may be printed as desired, or the entire book may be printed.  The pages appear as digital photographic images of the pages from the actual book.  All drawings and diagrams are included.

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CD #1




Morals and Dogma

This classic work by Albert Pike, the man who wrote the rituals for the Scottish Rite, contains a chapter for each of the Scottish Rite degrees.  It was published by the Supreme Council 33rd Degree, Southern Jurisdiction. (872 pages plus a 221 page index)

Mackey's Encyclopedia - 2 Volume set

One of the classic Masonic Encyclopedias.  Albert Mackey's works are well respected within Masonic circles.  This major work contains a wealth of information about many different aspects of Freemasonry. (475 pages per volume)


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CD #2




Manual of the Lodge

This 1862 work by Albert Mackey is the basis for much of the text in many of today's Masonic monitors.  The Grand Lodge of South Carolina publishes most of this work today as their monitor, Ahiman Rezon.  South Carolina removes the portions which deal with phallic worship, sun worship, etc. which are found in this original work. (272 pages)

Symbolism of Freemasonry

This classic work by Albert Mackey has been long considered one of the classic works on Masonic symbolism.  This is an easy to read book by a Masonic scholar.  (364 pages)

The Lost Word Its Hidden Meaning

Written for the purpose of delving into the Secret Doctrine of Freemasonry.  This work  by George Steinmetz is recommended by numerous Grand Lodges, including Pennsylvania.  Steinmetz explains the Masonic meaning of the words, Savior, Messiah, etc.  Four saviors, including Krishna (Hinduism), Osiris (Egyptian), Hiram (Freemasonry) and Jesus (Christianity) are discussed. (257 pages)

The Meaning of Masonry

An easy read which is currently available from the leading Masonic publisher.  Author Lynn Perkins lays it all out in the open.  If you are a Christian, after reading this book, you will understand exactly why a Christian cannot remain a Mason. (188 pages)


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CD #3





Symbolism of the Three Degrees

This three volume set has been reprinted for the Grand Lodges by the Masonic Service Association.  In this form, the volumes are given to a man as he goes through the degrees.  Author Oliver Day Street reveals that Osiris, Krishna, Jesus and Hiram are ALL saviors.  If this were not mainstream Masonic teaching, why would the Grand Lodges distribute these books? (3 volumes)

The Builders

Joseph Fort Newton, a Mason who was a "man of the cloth" wrote this work at the direct request of the Grand Lodge of Iowa.  It is the most popular Masonic book ever published.  Chapter 4 is titled, "The Secret Doctrine."  If they didn't have a Secret Doctrine, why would the Grand Lodge of Iowa have asked him to write the book?  (300 pages)

The Lost Keys of Masonry

One of the classics by Masonic occultist Manly Palmer Hall.  Hall's obituary in the Scottish Rite Journal describes him as Freemasonry's greatest philosopher.  Hall writes, of the "seething energies of Lucifer" being in a Masons hands. (130 pages)

Mystic Masonry

J.D. Buck's classic work.  There are three chapters titled, "The Secret Doctrine."  Buck explains that it is more important to become a Christ than to believe that Jesus was Christ.  The dark side of the craft is explained in this book which is currently being circulated by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. (125 pages)


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