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Christian responses to the testimony
of former Mason Duane Washum

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Response from a pastor

I was blessed by your article. I am researching freemasonry for an article I am about to write and happened on your page.I thank God for grace in allowing you to see the truth and coming to the knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ.My heart cries out for those deceived by cults that twist the Word of God. May your testimony be a continual blessing to those that seek the truth. Jesus is the WAY the Truth and the Light.

Your brother in the Lord,

Rev. Terry D

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Response from the nephew of a Mason

Praise the Lord.

I read your testimony.. on Masons. Thank the Lord for carrying you through.

My father's only brother was a lodge member. His son believes that they killed him just after he retired from political office because he might have retired from them. At his funeral, they all sat up front on one side of the church. I heard that they fought my aunt over his body and the funeral service. They wanted to do everything. He was buried in a "normal" cemetery.

It upsets me that all the years I knew he was in the lodge, which to us young kids seemed full of "nice" business men, all those years he was communing with Satan, and going to church on Sundays with his family. One of his lodge brothers had succeeded him in his job after he retired and is still good friends with my Aunt. I remember when I asked him what they did at the lodge he never told me. I suppose I suspected that it was nothing Godly or edifying to Christ. I knew what Christ wanted , and His works were not secret, but the lodge's were.

I believe that we are in the last days, and our generation will live to see Christ return. There are lots of groups preaching about better times and revival in America, but they fail to read the signs of the times. And even if we weren't in the last days, they fail to read the bible. Paul & Christ always talked about persecution for His names sake, so preaching about better must come is fallacy and not in God's plan. life will never be better on earth for all unless Jesus is here among us, so until then we can only watch, pray, and spread the Gospel.

Psalm 23, 91, 121

Matt 24:14


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Response from a Christian Mason who made the only decision he could

I thank the Lord Jesus for the words you have written here. I have found your testimony on Freemasonry and Christianity very enlightening and I thank our Lord Jesus for having led me here. Is it possible you could give me a few words of advice?

First some background: In 1984, at the age of 19, I received Jesus as my savior and was subsequently baptized. For various reasons over those 11 years I drifted away from the word of God. I did not know any better, I had not studied the word for a long time. In 1995 when I applied for membership to the Masons a reference was made that to join one had to "believe in God". As ignorant as I was at the time, it sounded OK with me.   In spite of receiving Jesus as my savior over 13 years ago I still was blind on the true meaning of Christianity. I was even more ignorant of the true meaning of Freemasonry and its inherent conflict with Christianity.

In May 1997 I was "raised" to the 3rd degree (in retrospect, I was lowered). I believe the Lord has led me to open my eyes to the grave mistake I have made. I should have never joined the Freemasons. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I entrust my life to Him.

Over a period of 5 months the "raising" ceremony I studied the scripture with the help of some of the web pages, regular reading of the Word, prayer and fellowship with other born-again Christians. It is ironic that my experience with Masonry was indirectly responsible for my renewed interest in the word of God, but all credit goes to Him that was in charge all along. As I continued to study these sources my eyes were opened on both subjects Christianity and Freemasonry. By the grace of God and with the help of other born-again Christians I led myself out of the lodge and back into the body of Christ. I have since repented for my sins, ask for forgiveness and, re-dedicated my love, trust and belief in Christ our savior. Since that night in May 1997 I have never returned to this Lodge and I have literally distanced myself from these "brothers" and now avoid speaking to them. I have denounced masonry in all its forms.

As you know phrases like "tubal cane" are needed to gain entrance into a lodge (among other things). After returning from this wilderness I'd rather focus all my strength, mind and soul on passages like John 3:16 and John 12:44-50. Belief and faith in Jesus as explained in these and other passages in the great Book is what one needs to gain entrance in the kingdom of God.

My question: I want to witness and give testimony of this dramatic change in my life to glorify Jesus. I have prayed and asked God in the name of Jesus for guidance and assistance by the Holy Spirit on this matter. I would be interested in hearing your perspective as a former member and past WM.

In Christ,

G. J.

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Response from another Former Mason

Dear Duane,

I just finished reading your testimony about freemasonry, and I could truly appreciate it, since I to was once a free and accepted mason.

After receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior, I started hearing more and more about freemasonry being a cult. I also had trouble dealing with this as you did. How could I have known, after all they had a bible in the lodge and we prayed. Oh how wrong I was.

Thanks to our true Lord, Jesus Christ, he did not give up on me and convicted me through the Holy Spirit to leave the Lodge, and now I am truly free, because the truth set me free.

But even after sharing my testimony with other lodge members who go to church, they still remain members of the lodge. We can only continue to pray for them, that they to leave the lodge before it is to late.


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Response from a Brother in Christ

Dear brother in Christ,

I want to congratulate you for abandoning Freemasonry. You have done well to heed the words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who revealed to John (Rev 18 verse 4) the warning for men to "come out of her (Mystery Babylon), and to not partake of her sins, or receive her  plagues", for one day soon, God will judge them, and their destruction will come in one hour's time.


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Response from a woman
who is dating a Mason

I read your account of free masonry and I totally agree with your beliefs. My boyfriend is involved in the lodge and I am concerned for his soul. Thank you for this enlightening piece.


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From the fiancÚ of a Mason


I can't tell you what a relief it was to find that men can actually be led away from the Masonic organization. Please help me learn more.

My fiancÚ is a Mason and it distresses me to no end. The more information I read on the Masonic Lodge, the more distressed I become. . .



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From a man who
witnessed a Masonic funeral

Praise God for your courage to take a stand for the Lord Jesus Christ. I recently attended the funeral of a wonderful Baptist Minister who died. He had been a Mason so he gave them permission to hold his funeral.  As they marched down the aisle, I shuddered at the cold feeling I got.  It was as the march of humanity in all it pride and works of the flesh of the ages.

I also noted as they used beautiful symbolism and even quoted scripture of the promises of God it was as if they were claiming the promises of God without going by THE WAY,  THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE.  When they prayed, they did not use the NAME of the LORD  JESUS CHRIST at the end of their prayer.  I I was reminded of how the Lord said there would be those who would try to enter some other way, but their way would not be successful.  Again, I praise God for your testimony.  I am sending a copy of this letter to my family.

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From a Sister who had been
ensnared in the Masonic system:

Dear Duane,

I too, come from a "Masonic family".  First, I was in Rainbow Girls and later, after marrying (my husband),  my parents talked my sister and I into joining the White Shrine and Eastern Star.  We are believers.  After being exposed to good Bible teaching, my sister and I were convicted and withdrew. Later, this became a point of contention between my sister, brother, myself and our parents.  Although, we never brought up the subject, our parents would on occasion. They were highly offended at   our stand.

They claim to be believers, but have never really been in a church  were they really were taught the Word.  My father (85) died 3-13-98.  Now my mother is throwing this up to us, saying dad died (with) a broken heart. She brought up the subject a couple of days ago. It was very ugly. We, her children have been very respectful to them and have done everything for them that any human being could do for another. We took care of our dad at home, were he died. My mother continues to be dependant on us.

This encounter has left me shaken. As I explained to her, the Bible is the only plumbline we have and if any organization, etc. didn't line up with the Word, I had to reject it. I told her that the Masonic lodge was never there to do for them; it was their children. I know it has been a thing of pride for them.

I AM HURTING! I know that Jesus said he would divide families. Other than this one thing, we have had a very loving & close family.


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From the wife of a man who is
studying for the Fellow Craft degree:

Dear Duane,

I just read your testimony and that of Jack Harris. I am greatly disturbed because my husband is studying his fellow Craft. He started a year ago just after I was baptized into the Baptist Church and had given my life to Jesus.  I knew there was something wrong with this organization, but I just couldn't put my finger on what it was that made me uneasy. Now I know.

My husband  doesn't like the organization of religion because of hypocrisy, so his answer to church is the Masonic Lodge. I was shocked and appalled when I discovered  that the God he is turning himself over to is the King of Tyre, SATAN! I don't know quite how to approach him with these facts I have learned today,  but you can bet I will print all this out and give it to him to read.

I will also be praying nonstop that Jesus will lay it on his heart that this  organization is based on Satan. Pray for us please! Pray for me to have the right words to say and pray for Luther to have an open and accepting heart!

In Christ,

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From another former Rainbow Girl

Brother Duane,

I praise God for you! Your heart was sensitive to the Holy Spirit and because of that, you were not deceived for too long. Since you withdrew your membership from the Lodge, have you received any condemnation or persecution? What is your relationship like with your brother? My heart goes out to you. As a daughter of a 33rd degree Mason who professes faith in Christ, and as a young woman who spent 13 years in Rainbow Girls, I know (the) struggle a person goes through to reconcile Masonic principles with Christian truths. I staunchly refused to believe what Christians told me about Masonry for the first 7 years of my Christian life. God finally broke through to me in October of last year. I have conducted a small research project in attempts to understand the truth about Masonry, and I have yet to confront my father. I am nervous about that upcoming confrontation, but I love him too much to remain silent.

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated reading your testimony.


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