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Jay was convicted that Freemasonry was incompatible with Christianity, yet his congregation was loaded with Masons. Almost all of the deacons were involved.

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Jay studied to show himself approved.

As seminary graduate who retired after a secular career, Jay knows his Bible well. He took the time to research the subject of Freemasonry personally. He obtained material from various ministries which minister to masons. These materials were used as reference materials, as Jay put together his witnessing package, and later, a letter to the church. He bought and borrowed Masonic documents to make sure that he knew that he knew. He checked all of the evidence himself. He was extremely well prepared to witness to Masons. He was prayed up; his wife was his prayer partner. Jay spoke with the pastor, who would not take a stand against Freemasonry.

A young Mason is approached

Jay felt that a young Mason named Keith would be the best person to start with. He felt that Keith was a sincere Christian who did not understand what he had joined. On Sunday morning, Jay mentioned to Keith that he would like to talk to him about Freemasonry. Keith agreed to met with Jay.

Masons circle the wagons

Unfortunately, another Mason was within earshot when Jay approached Keith. Immediately, Masons circled the wagons and counseled Keith that it would be improper to speak with Jay. Jay never got the chance to witness to Keith. Since Jay had been overheard, all of the Masons in the congregation were alerted. Jay was able to speak with only one Mason. That man had been an active Mason for years. He was prepared for the meeting, but was unable to defend the heresy which Freemasonry teaches. His heart is very hardened.

Jay takes a second brother to see the pastor and notifies the church

Jay and another brother, spoke with the pastor and presented solid evidence of the Masonic plan of salvation including the teaching that Hiram Abiff is a savior for Masons. Photographs of all documents which were not actually present were examined. Even though he knows the Gospel and also knows that Freemasonry has a false gospel and another savior, the pastor refused to take issue with Freemasonry.

Jay sent a letter to the entire congregation, in an attempt to educate other Christians. Several people approached Jay, or his wife, expressing private agreement. Although Jay had several silent allies in the congregation who knew that Freemasonry was evil, none of them would take a public stand.

Jay joins a church which is committed to the promotion and defense of the gospel

After a couple of years, Jay found another church with a Godly pastor. In the new church, he occasionally hears mention in sermons that some particular aspect Freemasonry is incompatible with scripture. Although the area has a high Masonic population, none are apparently members of Jay's new congregation.

What is the fruit of Jay's efforts?

When Jay stands before God, no one will be able to accuse Jay of knowing the truth and letting another perish. Jay will not have blood on his hands. He not only notified all of the Masons in the congregation that Freemasonry is incompatible with Christianity, he confronted the pastor as well. It is very doubtful that members of non-Masonic families will consider joining the Lodge. They may not be able or willing to take a strong stand, but they are no longer ignorant. Jay blessed the younger generation tremendously. It is easier to keep someone from going into the Lodge than it to get them out. Sin ensnares.

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