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What is the Purpose of the Ministry to Masons Conferences?

The first Ministry to Masons Conference was held in Washington D.C. in 1990.    The purpose of that first conference is best explained in a letter written by a former Mason.  Charlie Wiley wrote the letter and sent it to several ministries, including Saint's Alive in Jesus, In His Grip Ministries, HRT Ministries, and The John Ankerberg Show.   The first conference was a direct response to Charlie's letter.

Over time, the conferences have served different purposes for different people.   We asked several of the people who operate ministries which contribute to the conference what they believed the purpose to be.  Although their purposes are fully compatible, their answers to the question were quite different.  The purposes realized included the following:

  • To provide a forum wherein the Gospel of Jesus Christ may be preached and clearly contrasted with the false plan of salvation of the Masonic Lodge.  If that were happening in the churches, Christians would not continue to be ensnared in Freemasonry.  There would be separation between the Church and the Lodge.
  • To train and equip Christians who have a burden for the souls of Masons, so that they might lead men away from the Lodge.
  • To allow those who are curious about Freemasonry to examine the teachings and purposes of the Lodge without joining.
  • To sponsor scholarly studies of Freemasonry that support the above goals.
  • To provide a forum for fellowship between those who are actively engaged in ministry to Masons.
  • To exchange and distribute authentic Masonic documents which will allow Freemasonry to be accurately classified and understood.
  • To provide an opportunity where Masons who are having second thoughts about Freemasonry can hear a clear explanation of how and why Freemasonry is incompatible with Christianity.   Masons who attend need not identify themselves as Masons. 
  • To provide a resource for Pastors, Elders and Teachers, that they might obtain factual information about Freemasonry to enable them to properly exercise their responsibilities as spiritual leaders.
  • To provide a forum where the public might hear the testimonies of former Masons who have left the Masonic Lodge to follow Jesus Christ.
  • To provide a forum for fellowship and healing for men and women who have been ensnared in the Masonic system.  Many former Masons have found these conferences to be a real blessing.  As a direct outgrowth of these conferences Ex-Masons for Jesus was formed in 1995.  Charlie Wiley is one of the founding members.

These purposes are being realized.  The network of ministries and pastors who are concerned for the souls of Masons has grown and continues to grow.  Pastors have taken bold stands and have declared the truth about Freemasonry from the pulpit.   Where this has been done, division between the Church and the Lodge has resulted.   Some Masons repent, some don't.  (See Luke 12:51, Jesus came to bring division from the world, not peace with the world.)  Lay people have led friends and relatives to leave the Masonic Lodge to follow Jesus Christ.  Often, it does not take that much knowledge about Freemasonry to lead a man from the lodge.  Accurately knowing a few critical facts will often prove to be the key which opens the door for the Holy Spirit to do His work.   Information about Freemasonry, including Grand Lodge documents, continues to be made available to church leaders and lay people alike.  Conference sessions are video taped and tapes are made available on a cost recovery basis. 

The legacy of the Ministry To Masons Conferences has been repentance in the lives of many Masons and revival in Churches which have taken a bold stand. We have lost count of the number of men who have left the Masonic Lodge as a result of knowledge which was provided through these cooperative efforts.

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Video DVDs

Video recordings of previous conferences are available.

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